Meet Miss Robertson

L RobsonRachel and I interviewed the new addition to the Art and Design department, Miss Robertson.

Q1: What were your first impressions of the school?

It’s fabulous – My favourite school so far.

Q2: What did you do before you came here?

I was a student at art school and then I worked in the fashion and textiles industry. After that I was a tutor at Glasgow School of Art and then I taught Art and Design in Glasgow.

Q3: Do you have any hobbies?

Ooh, lots! I love sewing and making things. I also like seeing live music, scuba diving and swimming.

Q4: Do you have any tips for pupils for the coming year?

Hmm… Just always listen and try your hardest. You can’t go wrong really.

Q5: What is your dream job?

I’m already doing my dream job as an art teacher.

It was lovely meeting you Miss Robertson, thank you for answering our questions.

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