Skills for Work Construction Craft (National 4)


Course Description

This course contains practical construction crafts Units in seven important construction areas.
It is especially suitable for students with an aptitude and enthusiasm for practical crafts work. Students will learn a variety of skills in the trades-specific Units. These units are in trades with high levels of identified skill shortages. In addition, they will also develop skills and attitudes that enhance employability, not just in the construction industry, but in employability generally.

This course consists of eight Units. The five Mandatory Units are:
Employability Skills (20 hours)
This Unit highlights generic skills that students will develop and use as they carry out practical activities in the trade-specific Units. These are skills which employees require to be successful in the workplace and include: punctuality and timekeeping, taking instructions and advice; keeping the workplace tidy; interpreting simple drawings and developing measuring skills.

Half Brick Walling (20 hours)
This Unit asks students to set out and build short lengths of half-brick thick wall to given drawings and prescribed standards and tolerances.

• Decorative Painting (20 hours)
In this Unit students are required to produce decorative finishes involving the use of brushes and rollers as well as stenciling.

• Site Carpentry and Bench Joinery (20 hours)
This Unit asks students to carry out Small scale tasks in both first-fix and second-fix joinery. They will learn skills in measurement, cutting and fixing of timbers and sheet materials.

• Plumbing (20 hours)
This Unit requires students to cut, assemble and join plastic pipe work in accordance with given drawings using proprietary bends and tee-pieces.


The three Optional Units to be offered will be from the following list:

Practical Copper Pipework (20 hours)

•  Electrical Installation (20 hours)

•  Decorative Finishes Using Water-borne Paints (20 hours)


Assessment in this course will be based on a range of practical workshop activities, supported by assessor observation checklists and student self-checking of quality. In the Employability Skills Unit, students will carry out self evaluation on a range of skills, review their progress and identify action points.
Each Unit will be supported by a NAB (National Assessment Bank) item which will provide an assessment package and will exemplify the National standard.

Additional Information
Work placement is not a mandatory requirement of this course. Due to Health and Safety requirements and insurance restrictions it is impractical to arrange placements and work experience on building sites for students. Visits to construction sites, builders merchants and depots may be organized for groups of students where possible. It is also appropriate and valuable for students to receive visits from construction industry practitioners, trades people, manufacturers and suppliers.


This course may provide students with opportunities to progress to:

• Construction Crafts Course – National 5
• Scottish Vocational Qualifications in the area of Construction Crafts
• Further Education
• Training/Employment


Construction Industry Training Board