Dress Code

Invergordon Academy Dress Code

At school our primary function is to prepare our young people for the world of work, therefore, the standard of dress is of paramount importance.

We  consulted pupils on dress-code.  We are very glad that the popular opinion is that pupils should look smart in school.

School dress-code can be a big expense for a family and so we are keen to promote a smart but affordable solution.

The preferred dress-code:

  • ALL pupils wear a school tie with a white or black school shirt

In order to be flexible we will keep the option for S1 – S3 pupils only to wear school logo items as an alternative to a shirt and school tie.

ALL S4 –S6 pupils MUST wear shirt and school tie.

 Dress-code information:

  • All new S1 receive a free tie.
  • A plain black jumper or cardigan can be worn with shirt and tie but collar and tie must be visible
  • Polo-necks and other jumpers/tops unsuitable for shirt/tie are not permitted
  • Trousers or skirts should be black


  • Grey hoodies with school logo can be worn, these need to be purchased from  can be ordered online from: Macgregors Schoolwear Or from their shop at MacGregor Industrial Supplies, 15-17 Henderson Road, Inverness, IV1 1SN.

Points to note

  • Skirts should be a reasonable length
  • Leggings and joggers are not acceptable outside of PE.
  • Sleeveless, collarless blouses are not appropriate with a school tie.
  • There are no restrictions on foot wear other than health & safety concerns
  • Excessive hair colourings or large jewellery are not considered appropriate for school.
  • Outdoor clothing including scarves, hats, gloves, etc should not be worn around the school.
  • All pupils have a locker provided to store their outdoor clothes securely.

Thank you for your support.