Standards and Quality Report

Each year we publish our Standards and Quality Report.  This report summarises the strengths of our school, our recent improvements and what needs to improve further. We gather this information throughout the year in a variety of ways so we can make sure our report is as accurate as possible. We take time to compare what we do with national examples of best practice. We visit each others’ classes to share standards in learning and teaching. We look at children and young people’s work to see how they are progressing. We cross mark work. We make use of data and information including attainment results, responding and adapting our teaching in line with children’s needs. We assess using our own expertise, standardised testing, cross marking and results tracking. Children peer assess and self assess. We gather the views of children, parents, staff from our own and other schools, and partners in the local community and beyond. We use all of this information to arrive at our view of the quality of education we provide and our priorities for future development in the coming year and beyond.

We have evaluated our work using the Quality Indicators (QIs) in Education Scotland’s self-evaluation toolkit document, How Good is Our School? (4th Edition).