Manchester City/United football trip

On the final weekend of the Easter holidays, 40 pupils from across all year groups within the school set off for Manchester. An early start of 0515 did mean some pupils were a little tired/quiet on the way down the road but there was still plenty of excitement on the bus. 

We arrived in Manchester for around lunchtime where we then met up with our rep Aidan from the sports travel company Twedex. There was a busy weekend ahead of us that provided so many highlights for the group.


Visit Manchester City club shop

Training session at the Etihad Campus

Attend the Man City v Leicester City match


Manchester United Museum visit

Old Trafford Stadium tour

Visit the Manchester United club shop

All pupils were a true credit to the school and their families throughout the whole weekend. They received lots of praise for how respectful and responsible they were being from their coaches, tour guides and drivers etc.

As we made our way North on the bus there was still plenty of excitement amongst the group. A chance sighting of Celtic number 1, Joe Hart, at the same service station we stopped at meant plenty more selfies and posts for their Snapchat.

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