Attendance and Timekeeping

Pupils should arrive at school no later than 08:40. They should go to their period 1 class before 08:45 where they will be registered.

Pupils who arrive at school after 08:45 will be recorded as late and must sign in at the school office. If pupils are late because of medical, dental or other appointments, they should bring with them a note from a parent/carer if we have not had prior notification. If a pupil needs to leave during the day for an appointment they should sign out at the school office and have a note from a parent/carer to explain why.

By law, every pupil is entitled to 1650 minutes of education per week. When a pupil arrives late on three occasions – without parental contact to explain why – they will make up this valuable lost time after school on a Friday. We need pupils to accept that – just as in the workplace – there will be a consequence for unacceptable levels of lateness.

Lunch lasts 40 minutes (13:10 – 13:50) and again we require pupils to be back at school before 13:50 to ensure that they are on time for afternoon classes.

If your child is absent it does help enormously if you phone to let us know. When a parent does not phone, the school office will send out a text requesting a reason for the absence. When a parent replies by text or voicemail, a written note is not required.

If a pupil becomes unwell during the school day they should notify their class teacher who will send them to the school office. The school office will then contact a parent/carer/emergency contact to make arrangements if a pupil is to be sent home. Pupils should not be making direct contact with parents as this can cause unnecessary anxiety.

To comply with legislation, the school must know where all pupils are during the day. Should a pupil fail to turn up to class the following will happen:

  • A tannoy message will request the pupil to report to the school office
  • Where a pupil fails to report to the office a search of the school building and immediate outside areas will be undertaken
  • If, after the search, the pupil is still unaccounted for Police Scotland and parents will be notified

To be ‘punctual’ means to ‘be on time’.

Invergordon Academy is a place of work and like any employer we expect all staff and pupils to be on time.

Being on time is good for the following reasons:

  1. It shows that you CARE
  2. It shows that you are RESPONSIBLE, ORGANISED and in control of your time
  3. It helps to reduce STRESS on you AND on those around you

Invergordon Academy is also all about PEOPLE. By being on time you can:

Prevent other PEOPLE from thinking that you are impolite

Ensure that you are ready for your day’s work

Open up new opportunities and possibilities

Promote yourself as being a reliable, valuable team player

Learn more effectively and achieve more

Expect to be more EMPLOYABLE!