Former Pupils & Staff

Please use this page to reconnect with former friends and colleagues, or to leave us a message.  We would love to hear tales and experiences from the past.

We would also love to receive any photos from past times to create an archive of Invergordon Academy.  These can be emailed using the Contact link at the bottom of the page.

Past photos and information can also be found at the Invergordon Archives site.

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62 responses to “Former Pupils & Staff

  1. Went to school with Brian Poe who I believe was a master at your school. Trying to make contact with him.Can you help.
    Yours Ken VanThal

  2. Looking to make contact with Sean Rasmussen in Tech – went to school 2000-2006 but now living in New Zealand.

    • Hi David ! I used to be the French assistant during the year 1974-75. My name is Eve François (formerly Saulais). Now a bookseller at WHSmith in Paris. Did I ever teach you anything ? Best regards, Eve

    • Looking to contact any pupils from ’68-71. My name is Colin Crow. Went to Forms 4,5, and 6.Please look me up! 888 Bluff Mountain Road. Hot Springs, North Carolina US

  3. Thanks Michael, I am well aware of the Invergordon Archives site. It doesn’t surprise me there are no pictures of the teachers of that era as back then when classs pictures were taken the teachers were not in the photos, which is unfortunate to say the least.

      • Hi Mark it’s David,we used to live in same street(rosskeen drive) how the heck are you,think there’s two David Murray’s on this page,so bit confusing

      • Hi Mark, I was in school with you lived in Ross keen drive, how are you

  4. I attended the Academy from 1968-71. I credit my education and the great friends for my success back home in the states. My time in Invergordon will always be a cherished memory. Thank you all ! Colin Crow. My email is

    • PLEASE, anyone from ’68-’71 let me know how you’re doing. Those were THE best times of my life ! Love you all !

      • Hi Colin! I’ve just discovered the archive & read your post. I remember you from our class in the Academy & the good times we had back then.
        Kindest regards, Anne Cramb (née Macdonald)

  5. Hi David and mark, I attended south lodge primary and invergordon academy. My name is Betty (Stewart) Farmer. So enjoyed my time in invergordon, meet a lot of lovely friends.

    • Would be good to hear from anybody who remembers the Rougvie brothers from mid to late seventies.south lodge primary then on to the academy.

  6. I used to go to invergordon academy it was a good school dont know how to contact people as now i am in America. Great times!

    • When did you attend the Academy Katie? I was there ’68-71. I now live in North Carolina. Regards, Colin.

  7. I went to invergordon academy the year it opened, gosh, almost fifty years ago, my sons, Paul and Steve also went to invergordon Academy and today my granddaughter starts.

    Invergordon academy has a longstanding reputation to be very proud off.

  8. Hello Glen here and I was in Invergordon Academy for 1986-1992 and I was wondering if there is any teachers that may have taught me still working at Invergordon Academy.

      • Wow, Dr Ferrier! Man of Iron! 😀 He ignited my passion for science 🙂 I was in the same year as his son Hugh. Unfortunately my family moved to Glasgow in 2000, in my first year, so I wasn’t there long.

  9. Hi, my name is Sophie. And I was wondering if there are any surviving/ gone recently that may have taught me. (1995- 2001)

    • Hi Sophie,
      I hope all is well with you.
      There’s just myself, Dr Ferrier and Miss Mackay left from that period!
      Most of the rest went over the last few years. Feel free to contact me directly for more info.

      • Okay, not too many then how about teachers that have left say in the year 2014 and later. Would there be any of them that much have taught me

      • Hmm perhaps Mr Morris, Ms Brown and Mrs Potter from 2014. A few left this summer: Mr Page, Mr Fernie, Mrs Hanson, Miss Hayes. Before that there was Mrs Kemp, Mrs Fraser (English), Mrs Fraser (HE), Mrs Wylie, Mr Scott. Mr Stewart, Mr Bryce and Mr Berry left about the same time as you I think. A few staff moved to other jobs, Mr Maxwell, Mr Steven, Mr Smith, Mr Robinson, Ms Nixon…..

      • Oh god Ms Fraser she was scary, Mr Bryce left??? I thought he was still there. It’s a shame about Mr. Fernie he was the best loved him (hated French).

  10. I too would be interested in any information of the old School/house at Invergordon where my brother and I lived and went to school. There was on one classroom and the school/house was on a hill surrounded by land broom and bogs. The date was around 1944. Would appreciate any information. My father was serving at either Invergordon or Alness.

  11. Miss Hayes started as a young Latin teacher. I think we may have been her first class. Perhaps in about 1973? She made us lovely sweets. Perhaps to soften the blow of very hard Latin translation!

  12. Pupil at Invergordon fromy 1978 to 1983. Great memories of the place though probably not the best behaved pupil they ever had!! Now a teacher myself for the past 22 years in Coventry. Best memory was a football tour of Germany in first year (1980)- what we got up to!!!! Also loved the discos in the hall where I got my first snog in second year ha ha.

    • Hello Brain , Bill Gauld here. As i remember there was quite a few memories to be told about those years at the Academy. Have to say it was a great place to grow up and think back to Inverbreakie Farm and my time in school there with fond memories

  13. Left Invergordon in 1966 aged 14 was going to start 3 Rd year next term would like to hear from anyone of that year

    • Anne are you on Facebook or an email? I’d love to catch up with you! Colin.

  14. Anyone from the 4th, 5th, & 6th forms (’68-’71), if you could reach out to Anne Cramb (nee MacDonald) and ask her to shoot me an email ( I’d hugely appropriate it! I miss Invergordon soooooo…much!

  15. My name is Alastair Kennedy, I was from Alness and went to Invergordon Academy from 1965 to 1971. It would be grate to hear from anyone who knows me. I am now retired and living in South Africa.

    • Well Hello Alastair!!
      It’s Alistair Malcolm here. I too am retired (10 years) and stepped foot in Ross-shire last week for the first time in over 40 years. Didn’t make it to Alness/Invergordon but my short visit started me Googling and I came across this website and your post.
      Congratulations on making 65, sadly some haven’t.

      • Alastair great to here from you. Please send me your e-mail address so we can catch up.

      • Hi,
        My e-mail is: alistair ‘dot’ malcolm ‘at’

        (Edited by moderator to protect your email from spam!)

    • Alistair, Don Munro here,,I lived opposite BRIDGEND SCHOOL, have been in contact with Sam for many years. I think from memory, he and his wife had enough of living in SA, and were due to return permanently to the uk, at the beginning of this year, but have heard nothing from them since he returned. could you be kind and pass my email address to him ( ) TKS for ur help, Alistair. I gather u
      decided to stay on in SA ??

      • Have written to you Don a couple of times at your mail address and on Skype (Fyrish12) but had no reply will try again ?? Regards,

  16. I spent half a year at your school as an exchange student from Germany in 1996. I really enjoyed it and had a great time in Invergordon. By now I am an English teacher myself and a happy mum of 3 beautiful little daughters ..time goes by so quickly🙏
    Happy new year to everyone from Aachen❤️

  17. Does anyone know what year mr patterson the geography teacher died he lived in the cottages its just that someone asked me i left invergordon academy in 1984

  18. I would love to hear from people from my years in Invergordon academy,my namis David Murray and I was there from 1977 till 1981

    • Hello David, I was at Invergorden academy those dates. My older brother,mark, was also there. We lived Rosen drive, number 7. Moved to Grimsby in 1980 I think it was. Drop me a line afraser143 at gmail dot com..

  19. Mr. H, you seem to be the go to guy. Could you possibly shoot me an email. Colin ’68-’71. Thanks.

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