Latest SQA news

Appeals 2023:
Learners can submit a request direct to SQA if they feel their final grade is incorrect.
A senior SQA marker will then review your SQA marked assessments.

Examination Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service:

The EECCS will continue to be available this year, meaning those learners who need help the most due to exceptional circumstances can have alternative assessment evidence reviewed to help determine their grades. The service will be available to learners who are unable to attend an exam and widened to include those whose performance in the examination may have been affected by a personal circumstance, or an unplanned incident on the day, which is beyond their control. This could be a medical condition (including Covid-19 related absence) or bereavement, or disruption on the day of the exam as reported by the Chief Invigilator.

Any decision to submit an EECCS request needs to be discussed with your child’s teacher.

Please follow the link below to read more from the SQA parent blog on how the appeal system will be different for learners this year compared to last.  

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