S3 Craft, Design & Technology

Craft, Design & Technology is an exciting ‘hands-on’ course that will allow you to learn how to design a product starting from initial ideas right through to presenting a solution. Pupils will learn design techniques and ways to present your ideas clearly and effectively. They will also be required to manufacture products in a range of materials including wood, metal and plastic. This course will include the safe use of workshop machinery and tools and will encourage problem solving, independent working and creativity.

Course Outline

During this course pupils will take part in different activities including:

  • Learning how to work safely in a workshop environment.
  • Preparing Design Folio sheets, including sketches, research, ideas and evaluations.
  • Practical woodwork, metalwork & plastic based manufacture tasks in the workshop.
  • The use of specialised tools and equipment.


Assessment will be through the completion of the various design processes, end of unit tests and the safe and successful completion of crafted models.


National 4/5 Practical Woodworking

National 4/5 Practical Metalworking

National 4/5 Graphic Communications

Skills for Work, National 4 Construction Craft