In S1 and S2 the Design & Technology curriculum is split into two subject areas, Design and Manufacture and Graphic Communication. Pupils have two period of each in both years.

Pupils are challenged to work individually, with a partner and as part of a team. They learn about design and how design and manufacturing choices impact on the environment.  Pupils are encouraged to research each task they encounter and reflect upon their work and their new learning, drawing conclusions and lessons for the future. During their Design & Manufacture lessons pupils get the chance to design and create using a variety of materials. They are encouraged to design creatively while being made aware of the importance of sustainability. They will make products using timber, metal and plastics.

In graphics our students will discover the basics of Graphic Communication through both manual and computer based media. Pupils will learn how to use the technical drawing equipment while producing 2 and 3 dimensional drawings. They will also be introduced to 3D computer modelling using Autodesk Inventor, as well as investigating the use of colour while using a desk top publishing package.