S3 Graphic Communications


The ability to communicate is a vital part of everyday life. Often the written or spoken word is inadequate and drawings, sketches and illustrations are required for clear efficient communication.

The S3 Graphic Communication course at Invergordon Academy is a creative imaginative course that introduces pupils to the diverse and ever increasing variety of presentation methods employed in graphic communication. Pupils will develop an awareness of graphic communication as an international language. Skills acquired from this course will be invaluable in life and for the world of work.
This course provides pupils with the opportunity to gain skills in reading, interpreting and creating graphic communication. The course combines elements of creativity and communicating for visual impact with the elements of graphic communication standards.

Within this course pupils will:

Learn to use graphic communication equipment to produce drawings.
Produce drawings using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAG (Computer Aided Graphics) packages
• Develop freehand sketching skills.
• Produce colour illustrations and layouts.
• Initiate, develop and communicate ideas graphically.
• Interpret graphic communication initiated by others.
• Use graphic communication equipment, software and materials effectively.
• Apply knowledge and understanding of graphic communication standards and protocols.
• Develop an understanding of the impact of graphic communication on our environment and society.


National 4/5 Graphic Communications

Higher Graphic Communications