Health and Food

Welcome to Food and Health Studies.


All pupils in S1 – S3 study Food and Health Studies.

Pupils develop their understanding of a healthy diet, which is varied and balanced. They acquire knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices and help to establish lifelong healthy eating habits. We aim to develop their appreciation of food, getting to know different ingredients and how to use them. They explore how the dietary needs of individuals and groups vary through life stages.

Learners develop knowledge and understanding of safe and hygienic practices and their importance to health and wellbeing and apply these in practical activities. They develop awareness that food practices and choices depend on many factors including availability, sustainability, season, cost, religious beliefs, culture, peer pressure, advertising and the media.


Pupils have the options of choosing Health and Food Technology or Practical Cookery from S3 onwards.

Health and Food Technology focuses on food for health, food product development and contemporary food issues whereas Practical Cookery aims to develop specific practical skills, organisational skills and knowledge of ingredients. Both options develop knowledge and skills which would be beneficial for life and industry.


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