Dyslexia Awareness Week 2019 – Monday 4th to Friday 8th November – UPDATE

Throughout last week the pupils were finding out lots of information about dyslexia (more info below). Here are the results of the pupil surveys:

As part of Dyslexia Awareness Week 2019, we are doing the following activities at Invergordon Academy:

·         Dyslexia Awareness lessons in PSE/Skills classes for S1-6 pupils

·         Presentations on the TV screens in the corridors

·         Posters around the school

·         Feeds on Social Media

·         Daily teacher “info bites” sent via e-mail.

It is hoped that pupils and staff will:

·         have a better understanding of the difficulties faced by people with Dyslexia

·         have increased knowledge of the strengths people with Dyslexia have and the advantages over others

·         have had a chance to consider the successes of famous people who have not let their difficulties hold them back in life

·         be more aware of the strategies and resources they could use to improve their learning and revision

For more information and support please visit:


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