End Game

End Game

A short story by Madison Miller S3


I don’t know where I am. I was walking across the road a minute ago, so where am I?

I opened my eyes to see a bright screen with the words ‘Try Again? Or End Game?’ I extended and pressed Try Again. Suddenly,  I felt a sharp pain in my head and a blinding white light pierces my eyes. I blinked once or twice to regain my vision, where was I?

“Congratulations, it was a safe delivery, and your baby is healthy.”

I saw this doctor holding me, and I don’t know how, but I tried to get out of his grasp, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I felt something under my body moving. As I looked up I saw a woman with brown hair and bright blue eyes, reminding me of my mother.

That’s when I froze. Memories filled my head. Seeing my parents for the first time to my eighteenth birthday to the accident.

I thought back to the black screen with the bright colours. You normally see that at the end of a game. Was my life just a video game? Was someone controlling my life?

I wonder what would’ve happened if I pressed End Game. Would I be dead? Would I have to wait until someone played the game again? How do I know if anyone knew about this, that every single person in this world gets another chance at life?

I closed my eyes and held my breath. I could hear faint crying. Everything was slowly fading away, I couldn’t feel anything.

In front of me was the exact same screen. I walked closer and raised my hand, touching the ‘End Game’ button.

The screen disappeared, and everything went black. Soon, I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t move. My thoughts got quieter with every word. Until there was silence.



Madison’s story featured as part of her presentation on skills she develops out with school: My Hobbies


We think both the story and presentation are superb 🙂

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