New timetable structure

18 April 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

In session 2016/17 we are moving to a 33 period week. This will start from the change of timetable on 7 June 2016.

We have presented information about the changes at all the recent Parent Contact sessions but I am aware that not everyone has been able to attend these.


What do the changes mean?


  • How do you get 33 periods?

All periods are now 50 minutes long. We used to have some at 55 minutes and some at 50 minutes.


  • Is the teaching time less?

Teacher contact time will be exactly the same and class teaching time will be increased by 50 minutes.


  • How do you get the extra 50 minutes?

There will be no registration period. Registration will be done by class teachers every period.


  • What’s happening on Fridays?

Monday to Thursday will be 7 period days and Fridays will be 5 periods. School will close at 13:10 on Friday.


  • What about bus pupils on a Friday?

There will be an earlier bus on Fridays.


  • What about lunch on Friday?

All pupils entitled to Free School Meals will still get a lunch provided on Fridays. There will be grab and go options available for all pupils including those who get buses.


  • What about childcare on Fridays?

There will be a programme of activities at the Leisure Centre and at Joss Street Hall which will develop to meet pupil demand.


  • What about other schools?

The move to a 33 period week is to be put in place in all Highland Secondary schools by session 2017/18. We are moving this year as it will allow us to make improvements to our curriculum more quickly.


If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.


Kind regards,


Alison Drew

Head Teacher

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