Options & Course Information


S3 Course Information Booklet 2022-23

Senior Course Information Booklet 2022-23

Course Information Booklets contain information on courses available at the time of printing. Courses will only run if there is sufficient interest and subject to the availability of staffing and resources.

S3 Course Application Form 2022-23

S4 Course Application Form 2022-23

S5 Course Application Form 2022-23

S6 Course Application Form 2022-23

For information on Standalone Units and Wider Achievement opportunities for Senior pupils please speak to a member of SMT or your Support Manager.

Foundation Apprenticeships:

Foundation Apprenticeship in Creative & Digital Media

Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills

Foundation Apprenticeship Application

YASS Modules: For more details on applying see Mr Aitchison

YASS Modules 2016-17

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in S4, can I chose courses from the Higher/National 5 options?

The majority of S4 choices should be made in the National courses section but it is possible to access an N5 course in he H/N5 section or study at Higher level.  This can be negotiated with SMT/Support Manager.

Can I select Standalone Units or Wider Achievement as my first or second choice?

No, these are additional activities to take in an empty column. You must choose full courses for your 1st/2nd choices.

Can I select both Standalone Units in a column?

Yes, they run for two periods each out of a five period column.

Can I pick a college course (VPP or Psychology) and still study a school subject in Column F?

Yes, this is possible for some pupils.  College courses run on a Friday and Column F courses will also have classes on Monday to Thursday in school.

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