Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

bronze award 2Before this starts, I would like to say another massive thank you to Miss Ross and Mr. Rasmussen for putting together and assisting us with our wonderful Duke of Edinburgh!

It started at Coag bothy, which is where we waited for Mr. Ras and Miss Ross to run ahead, as for the proper excursion we had to walk by ourselves! After eating most of our food, losing all our body heat  and also going off track for a while, we eventually found them both again and we had to head up a main road (where we got the best looks!) to link us to the next part of the course. We left without the teachers again and arrived at a very wet bog, which did a fantastic job of getting our boots, and us, soaked!

However, just as we were about to lose hope, we found it. We reached the bothy that signified warmth and dry-enough feet! After setting up the tents and only being an hour or so late, we had dinner, tea and slightly drier feet!

Then came what I can only describe as being the coldest sleep experience of my life and the most exciting breakfast I had ever had: All Nature Bars!

After this we got packed up and left, with the teachers a mile or so in front of us. Surprisingly, we only got lost for roughly three or so hours so it’s still a success in my books! After being picked up and dropped off at school, it was over.

We had survived.

But honestly, I would do it all over again! (But pack a few more layers!)

-Brooklyn.A.Junor S5

bronze award 1DSCF4855 DSCF4866 DSCF4867

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