U14s through to 3rd round of Scottish Shield

Kincorth Academy 1 – Invergordon Academy 3


Starting 11: Gk. Alex Hercher RB. Cameron Ross CB. Jamie Hunter CB. Josh Hamiltion LB. Rhys Hossack RM. Gary Macdonald LM. Cameron Finlayson LM. Ryan Patterson CM. Lewis MacLeod ST. Marc Ross. Subs:  Nico, Kamil and Bailey.


Invergordon had a cup game on the 9/12/13 away to Kincorth Academy in Aberdeen. The fixture was played at Banks of Dee sports centre, Aberdeen.

Invergordon got off to a good start but after 25 minutes they could not clear the ball and Kincorth put the ball in the back of the net.

At the start of the second half, Invergordon got off to another good start, making the other team push back to their own goal because Invergordon had all the possession, leading to a goal from Marc Ross, putting the ball in the back of the net from Ryan Patterson’s cross.

The rest of the game was tight, with Invergordon having plenty possession and shots on goal, sending through balls to Lewis Macleod. This was the key because this was Invergordon’s strength and Kincorth’s weakness.

Kincorth won a corner, and as the corner came in, one of Kincorth’s players won it, but Alex Hercher made a brilliant save. From that save Alex Hercher kicked the ball through Kincorth’s defence. Lewis Macleod ran onto the ball and smashed it in the bottom corner making it 2-1 Invergordon with two and a half minutes to go.

Invergordon piled on the pressure and made another counter attack. Again Lewis Macleod scored the goal, making it 3-1 Invergordon.

Invergordon’s players played their positions outstandingly leading to a win to Invergordon Academy.

This is the best progress an Invergordon Acadmey team has made for 16 years and the team are looking forward to the 3rd round of the Scottish Shield in the new year.

Alex Hercher and Jamie Hunter, S2

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