The Lion King Trip

On Wednesday 13 November, a busload of students substituted their usual school day for a trip to see Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ performed as a musical at the Playhouse in Edinburgh. Pupils from third to sixth year were accompanied by teachers from the school to see the production.

Ebbonnie Mahon S6: “It was absolutely fantastic!”

The coach in Edinburgh half an hour earlier than expected and so pupils and teachers made their way around a small exhibition of the costumes and models before seeing the performance. Luckily a number of people took photos of these costumes as pictures were not permitted in the actual theatre.

The auditorium was packed with people of all ages. Everyone was impressed at the amount of work that had been put into the production. The actors used not only the stage but walked up and down the aisles in the audience too. As well as singing and acting, the actors also took on the characteristics of the animals they played which was really emphasised by the costumes.

Music teacher, Mr Stuart says, “The costumes really brought the production to life. The costumes were amazing. The music was amazing. The little kids sitting beside me were annoying.”

The costumes were cleverly crafted so that actors found it easy to move around, but were also important for characterisation, and looked amazing. Mufasa and Scar had special lion headpieces which moved in front of their faces when they bent over. Giraffes, hyenas, gazelles and many other safari animals were also created with the use of ingenious craftsmanship. The whole performance was an exciting and poignant combination of music and movement.

Iona Matheison S5: “A fantastic performance with amazing costumes. Enjoyed it immensely and I would definitely go back if I could! I look forward to similar future outings.”

The Lion King: Nala

The Lion King: Zazu

The Lion King: Mufasa

The Lion King: Mufasa

The Lion King: Zebra

The Lion King: Bird Lady

Thank you to Sheridan Fraser S6 for providing the above photos of the exhibition.

-Rachel Goodwin S6

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