Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition

After months of hard work and preparation, the end is in sight for many of the 5th and 6th year pupils taking part in their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The programme involves three sections: Physical, Volunteering and Skill. The participants make their own choices and partake in each section for a number of months. The final part of the award is the expedition to a chosen location with the assistance of teachers and a Duke of Edinburgh Assessor.

Both year groups took part in a practice expedition to Loch Glass last week. The expeditions involve lengthy walks carrying all necessary equipment for an overnight stay. The trip was completed successfully due to the amount of effort, team work and determination given by each pupil with the help of Gavin, Mr Rasmussen and Miss Ross.

Despite the time, work and even pain that was put in by the pupils, the completion of the practice has left them motivated and inspired to do more. As well as being a great experience for the participant, the Duke of Edinburgh Award is a fantastic addition to a CV so the pupils are all looking forward to completing the award with the attendance to their final expedition later this year.

English: Tree and Loch Glass

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