Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival was held on Friday 9th September within the school and involved all students from S1-3. It was a celebration of the food we grow and share.

Classes were split into groups.

  • One group listened to the storyteller, which involved musical instruments and stories from history around autumn
  • Another group made an art mural using potato prints
  • The final group tried different potato dishes on a tasting plate – Scottish macaroons, potato salad, Spanish omelette – all delicious recipes made by pupils from potatoes grown in the school garden. This was held in the school’s ‘Café One’, with background music provided by pupils from the Music Department.

The Rural Skills class helped set up the event and guided pupils between activities. There was a display of the produce grown in the school garden; also printed tablecloths and printed cloth wall displays, based on the Dandelion theme, inspiration for holding our Harvest Festival.

A special mention to all the staff that contributed to the organisation and running the of event: Mrs Brooke-Carr, Mrs Booth, Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Cameron Mackintosh and our fantastic janitors.

Leon Wann, S6 Rural Skills

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