Invergordon Academy Prize Giving Awards 2022

On Wednesday 29th June we held our junior and senior prize giving awards to celebrate pupil achievements over the 2021/22 school year. This is the first time since 2019 that we were able to welcome parents into the school itself.

The junior awards ceremony was held in the afternoon and was attended by close to 120 parents/family members. The awards were presented by special guest and former pupil Andrew Bannerman, who also gave a fantastic motivational talk to the pupils. The audience were then treated to musical performances by The Shortbreed group, who recently won the u17’s MOD competition, as well as a musical performance from Mia Munro, Sophie Millburn and Mrs Cameron MacIntosh.

The senior prize giving was held in the evening, with Councillor Pauline Munro sharing some wise words and presenting the awards. Also helping present the awards were S6 pupils, and joint winners of this year’s Carmichael Award (for outstanding contributions to the school community), Mia Munro and Angelu Mondala. Musical performances from Rhoehaisse Clark, who recently received numerous accolades for her song writing, which was celebrated on STV news, as well as another performance from The Shortbreed group, entertained nearly 170 guests/pupils throughout the night. A delicious buffet provided by Tomich restaurant topped off a fantastic evening which saw plenty of deserved awards presented and allowed everyone to say goodbye to our 2022 school leavers.

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