New S1 Pupils Ready for Academy Life

The new S1 pupils have come to the end of their enhanced transition week and will now fully engage upon life at Invergordon Academy. They spent their first 7 days at the academy being chauffeured from class to class and listening to advice from a number of staff about how to make secondary school a big success. Although this year’s experience was very different from previous years the pupils have settled in well and are enjoying their new school.

A survey was completed at the start and end of this transition period and the results show a massive improvement in the knowledge the pupils have about various aspects of academy life. This included knowledge of the school building, dress code, behaviour rules and the canteen system (limited system in place just now), as well as their understanding of the current Covid 19 prevention rules in the school. The survey showed an increase in how many pupils were looking forward to their time at Invergordon Academy. Please see the full results below:

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