6 responses to “Invergordon was Invergordon – Oral History Project

  1. A wonderful piece of work which must have taken quite a while to assemble. You should all be proud of yourselves.

  2. Brilliant. An excellent film well put together and giving a glimpse into the rich history of Invergordon.
    Hopefully it will encourage people to visit the museum and also ask questions of the older residents and family about what they remember.
    Thank you

  3. I was there at 6:15 when our class (7) did the ‘Victorian Exhibition’ in 1969. Some of you Invergordonites will recognise Myself, Rob Mcvite & Kenny McCormack in the front. Mrs (Alice) Wilson was our teacher, not one for any nonsense-having being strapped for misdemeanours a few times but she was loved by us all and an excellent teacher.

  4. Am not from Invergordon….my mum stayed here during the war as a wean working she used to talk about if fondly…now i have many friend live in this wee town ,I found it a brilliant wee video full of good memory’s for people to cherish.

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