Ross-Sutherland Swimming Gala

Jeff Hardy (AUS) freestyle action Swimming 2000 Sydney PG

Well done to everyone that participated in the Ross Sutherland Swimming Gala on Tuesday 2nd December. Especially well done to Craig Murray who was 2nd in the Under 14 Boys Back Crawl, Andrew Gatton who was 2nd in the Under 14 Boys Butterfly, Finlay Clarke who was 1st in the Under 15 Boys Breaststroke, Rory Vass who was 1st in the Senior Boys Freestyle, and to the Under 15 Boys Team who were 2nd in the Relay.


Invergordon’s Team results are as follows:

Under 13 Boys = 5th Place

Under 14 Boys = 3rd Place

Under 15 Boys = 2nd Place

Senior Boys = 3rd Place

Senior Girls = 5th Place


A special thank you to everyone who participated for the great amount of effort put in and for representing the school in such a good manner as always!

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