Outward Bound 2017

On our Outward Bound trip we did a lot of challenges, usually stuff to do with teamwork.  A lot of the tasks took us out of our comfort zone or the best.  Some of the challenges were difficult, like kayaking while not being strong swimmers or climbing trees while afraid of heights.  Also stuff like big walks with heavy rucksacks.

Most of us tried everything.  We most enjoyed camping in the bothy and the trip to get here.  Some of us enjoyed walking through the waterfall; driving the speedboat and jumping off it.

By the end of the course we have become more confident; willing to try new experiences and work as a team.  We thought about other people’s weaknesses and took them into consideration.

We are all glad that we had the opportunity to go.


Written by Zoe, Dylan T, Kurtis and Dylan D



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