Staffing Update – November 2015

Dear Parent/Carer

I write to inform you of some changes to staffing here at the Academy.

We have now appointed two new Support Managers. They are Mr Houston, one of our PE staff and Mr Mark Abenheimer from Moray who will start with us on Monday 30 November. This will complete our Support team working alongside Mrs Christie and led by Mr Thompson. Our 2 new managers will meet with all the pupils on their caseload in the next few weeks to ensure all pupils know who to go to if they have any concerns.

Miss Gilruth will finish with us on Friday 20 November. She is taking up a new post at Shawlands Academy. We have advertised this vacancy 2 times but have not attracted any applicants. This is a problem in a number of schools and I am in discussion with Highland Council Education Department about finding a solution.

In the interim we will do everything possible to ensure the N5, Higher and Advanced Higher classes are fully supported. Miss Gilruth has left a very detailed forward plan for each of the courses. Mr Aitchison and Mr Mezals have agreed to give teaching time to each of the certificate classes and we will be supported by our neighbouring schools to ensure all assessment work required for the SQA is carried out to the correct standards.

Miss Gilruth’s S1/2 Science classes will be covered by a Science supply teacher.

S3 Physics will be taken by a member of our existing Science staff.

As a result of these arrangements there may be a number of temporary alterations to timetables for pupils. We have endeavoured to ensure that the disruption is minimised but as there is shortage of subject specialist supply staff we cannot provide full specialist cover for every affected class. Please be assured however that we are doing everything possible to ensure that every pupil continues to receive a high quality curriculum here at Invergordon Academy.

If you have any concerns please get in touch.

Yours sincerely

A C Drew, Head Teacher


Staffing – Nov 2015

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