Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition 2015


Before I start this, I would like to thank Mr Rasmussen and Miss Ross for helping make our expedition possible!

The adventure kicked off when we were dropped off at the start of the Aldi Burn Walk. After complaining about how hot we were getting for most of the way (along with taking a million photographs), we passed the river to our camp for the night! After setting up the tents we decided to make some of life’s necessities (tea) with the camping stoves we took with us. Before we even realised it, the time was “ridiculous o’clock,” so I’m going to say that we all got a wonderful night’s sleep!

The next day, after some much needed coffee, we packed up and took another couple hundred photos and then left, only to discover that their was in fact a river in the way, and we had to remove our boots to cross, or stay wet for the rest of the journey. After this it was mostly straight sailing towards the end- but, honestly, the walk was hard!

Overall it was a wonderful experience that I am sure we would all gladly do again!

-Brooklyn.A.Junor, S5

IMG_0004 IMG_0019     IMG_0021IMG_0028IMG_0042IMG_0062IMG_0053IMG_0063IMG_0075 IMG_0079 IMG_0082

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