Advanced Higher Science Adventures

On Wednesday 3rd of December 2014, the Advanced Higher Biology class, consisting of Ellie Carr, Emily Marshall and Stuart Ham, travelled to Aberdeen to take part in an experiment at the University of Aberdeen. The experiment used most of the basic techniques involved in genetic fingerprinting. DNA was “cut up” using restriction enzymes and then the resulting technique called Gel electrophoresis. The group found it very informative and it gave them a taste of what University life is like.

Previously to this a team of Advanced Higher Physics pupils went on their own adventure. The Fantastic Four pupils travelled to Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh via a school mini-van equipped with all the latest technology: FM radio and air conditioning. The pupils were accompanied by their trusty gadget geek Miss Gilruth and her companion Miss Watson. The mission of the Fantastic Four was to carry out a series of thrilling experiments relating to their Advanced Higher Physics Investigations. The experiments included using lasers to find out the track spacing on a CD, using Absolute Zero technology to discover the relationship between pressure, temperature and volume of a gas, using the latest high-tech equipment to find the speed of sound, and mucking about with high amounts electricity whilst trying not to electrocute themselves. Although they got off to a rough start and there were some bumps along the way, their missions were successes and all four pupils got a great deal from this adventure. They got a chance to explore what life would be like outside the sheltered environment of a school physics cupboard, and a chance to fly solo without having their hands metaphorically held by a teacher (Miss Gilruth doesn’t do hand holding). The adventure had been coordinated for them by their mediocre physics teacher/gadget geek, Miss Gilruth. Organising this adventure was the only fun event Miss Gilruth had planned for the year, the rest of the year consists of showing particularly interesting (if you find centripetal force and angular acceleration interesting) PowerPoints that are wonderful and colourful and fun, or would be if it weren’t for the fact that one of her Advanced Higher Students is colour-blind. The pupils were extremely thankful to her for allowing them a chance to use their physics styled superpowers outside of the classroom and thoroughly enjoyed their experience. When they looked back on their adventure all the pupils agreed that the only way their adventure would have been even better was if their original inspiration and mentor Mr Finlayson had been there. However some things just are impossible, so they settled for Miss Gilruth.

By Ellie Carr (S6) and Iona Mathieson (S6)

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