Interhouse Cross Country 2015

Recently a large percentage of Invergordon Academys pupils participated in the annual Interhouse Cross Country competition. A massive well done to all that took part, and especially to Kildermorie who won overall and now hold the Cross Country Champion Crown for the year.

The results of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were as follows:

S1 Boys

1st Place = Keir Carson, Kildermorie

2nd Place = Luke Widdows, Kildermorie

3rd Place = Reece Hunter, Novar

S2 Boys

1st Place = Stan Keith, Novar

2nd Place = Bailey Sweeny, Kildermorie

3rd Place = Andrew Gatton,Balnagown

S3 & S4 Boys

1st Place = Lewis Macleod, Kildermorie

2nd Place = Gary Macdonald, Balnagown

3rd Place = Ryan Yaemen, Novar

S5 & S6 Boys

1st Place = Ali Mackinnon, Kildermorie

2nd Place = Joe Pennington, Novar

3rd Place = Logan Mathieson, Balnagown

S1 Girls

1st Place = Franziska Metzler-Murray, Novar

2nd Place = Eilidh Gunn, Kildermorie

3rd Place = Holly Simpson, Kildermorie

S2 Girls

1st Place = Lauren Thom, Balnagown

2nd Place = Victoria Macdonald, Novar

3rd Place = Anna Sutherland, Balnagown

S3, S4, S5 & S6 Girls

1st Place = Emily Finlayson, Kildermorie

2nd Place = Anya Martus, Balnagown

3rd Place = Sinead Munro, Novar


DSCF6577 DSCF6574DSCF6572DSCF6571DSCF6579 DSCF6575 DSCF6567    DSCF6570 DSCF6566 DSCF6565 DSCF6564 DSCF6562 DSCF6561 DSCF6560 DSCF6559 DSCF6558 DSCF6555 DSCF6554 DSCF6552

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