Tanzania Trip 2015

What is The World Challenge?

The world challenge is an organisation which opens up opportunities for people to go around the world and learn new life skills.

What will you be doing on the Tanzania trip?

The trip will be comprised of the acclimatisation period, the cultural immersion phase, the main trek and then finally the rest and relaxation period. During the acclimatsation phase we will be doing a mini trek and a small cultural immersion bit. During the cultural immersion period we will be spending most of our time in towns learning how the indigenous population live. The main trek explains itself, and finally during the Rest and Relaxation period we will be spending our time unwinding, buying souvenirs and going on a safari.

How long will you be going for and when?

All of this will happen in a three week time scale and we will be leaving towards the end of June.

Who is going?

Emily Finlayson, Kerry Cartwright, Logan Mathieson, Lyndsey Sutherland, Rachel MacIver, Rhys Feachem, Robert Cartwright, Summer Macphee, Tayllur Mackenzie, and myself. Additionally miss Ross will be accompanying us as a responsible adult.

How much do you have to raise?

£3730 not including vaccines, additional kit, pocket money and visas.

How are you raising it?

Through various fundraising events like bakesales, coffee mornings and ceilidhs.

What else do you have to do to prepare?

Obviously we need to know a little bit of the language and culture so we will be preparing for that but also how not to insult the people of southern Tanzania.

Why are you going on the trip?

To learn life skills and to have a good time in a different country.


Emily Finlayson S4 – “The whole idea sounds like a rewarding trip, from helping the locals of Tanzania to even fundraising the money to get there”

Iona Mathieson S5 – “I want to explore the world and it’s different cultures, and have a taste of what life outside our sheltered lives is like. I want to do it so I can grow my experience in life, and say: Hey, I’ve done that!”


James Goodwin – S5

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