Higher Leadership Course

Leadership is a course built on the “Four C’s”. These are courage, compassion, confidence and communication. In Leadership, we focus on improving our own four C’s amongst other personal skills and qualities. In class we do team building exercises and character studies, occasionally giving presentations and having debates over various topics. The class is led by Ms Barr who finds ways to keep the subject interesting and enjoyable. The course requires a lot of teamwork and contributions from everyone.

As part of a Highland Hospice Young Apprentice competition we were invited to fundraise for the hospice and give a presentation in Inverness town hall to be judged by successful business men and women. Our group was called Dare to Dream and we had our own Twitter and Instagram pages to help raise awareness for Highland Hospice. We held a range of different fundraising activities and events. These included bake sales, a raffle, lucky dip and bagpacking in Tain Tesco.

The judges were Alison McRitchie, Norman MacDonald  and Peter Swanson who have all succeeded in their own business ventures. In the final presentation our group came in 3rd place (out of three groups, oh well!) with a fundraising total of £1000.07. It was a fantastic experience for us all to have been involved in and the group as a whole had a great time.

By Michael Bews – S6 Leadership.

leadershipleadership 1

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