Higher Drama At Eden Court

I have been attending a Higher Drama course at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness for the past year. Admittedly I hated the course at the start as I didn’t know anyone and was no where near as confident as some of the people who had been doing acting for years. It was difficult as I had to go in every Saturday and for a week of my holidays which took up a lot of my time. At one point I was very close to quitting but now I am really glad that I stuck at it. The course gives you the opportunity to perform two scenes in Eden Court’s own theatre as well as learn valuable reviewing and directing skills. It has really helped me gain confidence in not only my acting but in meeting new people and has given me experience in auditioning. I have made some really good friends that I would have not have met if I had not done this. It was beneficial to go out of my comfort zone and try something that I wouldn’t usually want to do. I think that it is a very worth while subject especially for anyone who is considering to go on to do something in the arts and by doing it in Eden Court you benefit from their facilities. I have really enjoyed doing Higher Drama and will be very disappointed when its over.

-Kathleen Whiteford, S5

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