Christmas Concert 2013 : The Aftermath

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who attend the “Christmas By Candlelight” because a performance is nothing without a good audience, and because there was some super Christmas carolling going on in the audience!

Secondly, a massive thank you to all the teachers and pupils involved behind the scenes because they have all worked extremely hard. Without them the concert wouldn’t have run as smoothly or have been as well presented. This thank you is also directed to the H.E department for putting on an excellent spread for us all to enjoy after the concert. A special thank you to Mr Stuart who managed to thank everyone but himself on the night. Not only does he do a fantastic job of conducting and performing, but his greatest skill is perhaps this – he always manages to hold Miss Roberston together!

Mr Stuart also deserves our thanks for composing an original and beautiful piece of music for the choir to sing in memory of Hollie Mackay.

Finally, a huge well done to all of the students and teachers who performed at the concert because the concert was a success and sounded absolutely wonderful! The amount of variety at the concert was super, it ranged from traditional Christmas carols to bag-piping to cheesy (but brilliant!) Christmas classics to beautiful classical pieces and to traditional Scottish music. All of which were fantastic. It was great to see so many different ages of pupils working together and having all of their hard work paying off by playing brilliantly in the concert. The best part was seeing our newest act, the teacher choir, making a fantastic début!

So thank you anyone who took part in making Christmas By Candlelight happen, and keep up the good work because before you know it the Summer Concert will be coming around. It was a truly fantastic night and it definitely set the Christmas jeer rolling. It must have been good because even Rachel Goodwin managed to perform to an adequate standard.

By Iona Mathieson – S5.

If you missed last year’s ‘Christmas by Candlelight’, you can still catch a recording of it on the school website at



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