Pupil Council Representatives


S1 - Katlyne Kennedy

S1 – Katlyne Kennedy

S2 - Blair Guild

S2 – Blair Guild

S3 - Chloe Arbukle

S3 – Chloe Arbukle

S4 - Connor Arbuckle

S4 – Connor Arbuckle

S5 - Shona Hutton

S5 – Shona Hutton

S6 - Sheridan Fraser

S6 – Sheridan Fraser



S1 - Molly Mackay

S1 – Molly Mackay

S2 - Lucy Richmond

S2 – Lucy Richmond

S3 - Kyle Connor

S3 – Kyle Connor

S4 - Emily Finlayson

S4 – Emily Finlayson

S5 - Chloe Skinner

S5 – Chloe Skinner

S6 - Michael Bews

S6 – Michael Bews



S1 - Jack Dunn

S1 – Jack Dunn

S2 - Sophie Dickson

S2 – Sophie Dickson

S3 - Jasmine Williams

S3 – Jasmine Williams

S4 - Tom Bannerman

S4 – Tom Bannerman

S5 - Iona Mathieson

S5 – Iona Mathieson

S6 - Rachel Goodwin

S6 – Rachel Goodwin

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